Breast Medicine


2 hrs. 4 mins.





Fake Hospital



“I was having a typical day when a short-haired minx walked in and, after taking off her coat, found several beautiful tattoos on her body. She started telling me that her boyfriend was younger than her and wanted sex more times a day than she did, and if I could give her some pills to increase her sexual performance. Before I knew what was happening, she bared her breasts and pushed them in my face. I put her naked on my desk and began to lick her pussy with my tongue. She was very loud and demanded all the time that I fuck her faster and harder. She really liked the cock and she turned me on so much that I could not restrain myself, I pulled and released the rope of cum high into the air. This patient was going to really test my endurance, but I was not done with her yet. We continued to have sex in one of the best activities I have ever had in the office and that says something. Watch the video, I guarantee you won't regret it. " - Doctor