Mother Lovers Society 19


2 hrs. 9 mins.





Sweetheart Video



When Lily (Aria Lee) was younger, she spent the summer with her mom's close friend Clarissa (Texas Patty). For Lily, it was more than just a summer vacation, awakening her sexuality. It has been several years since Katy (Ashley Eli) first fell in love, but the feelings are still strong. Katie returns after graduating from college, but unfortunately her mom is on a business trip. She uses her time alone to get to know her new stepmother Cindy (Reagan Fox) a little better. When Sylvanas (Mona Wales) invites Gillian (Nikki Peach) to her home, you can feel the sexual tension between them until Gillian finally breaks the ice and tells Sylvanas what she thinks of her. Finally, exactly a year ago, Holly (Kenzie Reeves) and Petra (Sylvia Sage) had a romance. They promised each other that if they still love each other, they will meet in the same place at the same time in a year. Petra is nervous, she hasn't seen Holly or talked to her since the last time they were together. She hopes Holly shows up at the rendezvous so she can finally express how much she loves her.