Step Daughters 3


2 hrs. 13 mins.





Family Sinners



Lacy has been sympathetic to her new stepfather, Tommy, for months, but out of respect for her mother, she keeps her distance. Focusing on a guy her age, Lacy puts on her most slutty outfit and goes on a date until Tommy stops her. Annoyed that she again goes against her mother's rationale and is now also dressing as if she is “asking for it,” Lacy agrees, taking off the clothes he objects to - surprising him with her courage. Although he wants to resist, he cannot. His amazing stepdaughter asks for this ... and now she needs his rock-hard cock. So Tommy gives her exactly what he knows she wants - a good, hard, enthusiastic fuck.

Caroline's mother wants nothing more than to get close to her new stepfather Eric, and so she plans a weekend trip for the two of them. Much to Eric's surprise, there is only ONE bed in the room his mother had booked online, and it is too late to find another place to stay. Determined NOT to misbehave, Eric flaunts a front that quickly crumbles when sexy Carolina asks him to apply suntan lotion all over her body. His cock instantly hardens and before he realizes it, the two are tossed on the bed, fucking each other's brains. He has never had such a good and young fuck, but now he is glad that he can have fun whenever he wants.